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The Georgia Lupus Collaborative Grant FAQ

1. Is funding granted only on a reimbursement basis?

  • Given how funding/reimbursement is handled by the Department of Community Health, where the GCLEA resides, funding is on a reimbursement basis only.

2. The language found within the funding criteria for the RFA is limited to organization(s). Considering that individuals are also eligible for funding based on the language in the first paragraph, does the word “organization(s)” mean individuals as well? Based on the broadest interpretation of the criteria, it seems that individuals are excluded. For example, the first bullet point states that the organization should be serving the citizens of Georgia. The second bullet states that preference will be given to organizations that demonstrate a long term commitment to communities they serve.

  • We apologize for the confusion. Individuals are eligible to apply. Therefore, wherever “organizations” are mentioned, it can also mean individuals.
  • Organizations generally can better demonstrate an established track record within a community and governance structure. Individuals who apply should keep this in mind and be able to speak to all aspects of the funding criteria and, when appropriate, consider partnering with others or other organizations.

3. Are organizations given permission to submit more than one application?

  • Organizations and individuals are limited to one application as the lead or co-lead. However, they may serve in a supporting (non-lead) role for other applications.

4.Are we permitted to collaborate or receive additional funding from pharmaceutical companies?

  • There are no restrictions with regards to collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and receiving additional funding.
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